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How to Register

For All Students:

Elite Fastpitch Registration Form  |   Elite Fastpitch Release Form

Here is how to register for classes. To get started, get familiar with our web site. Next print out these two forms- Elite Fastpitch Registration Form and Elite Fastpitch Release Form. If you are looking for Our Classes, you have several to choose from. Basically there two categories, Group or Private. Check the schedules to find a location rear you. The times relate to levels of training, so check levels and the rigid standards for each.

If you are a new student, and don’t know the training you want, browse here:

Pitcher Training Classes (Elite Windmill Pitching Classes for Pitchers)
Catcher Training Classes (Elite Catcher Classes for long term training)
Advanced Catcher Training (For Catchers looking to improve their mental game)
Private Lessons (General Instructions to Register Pitchers & Catchers)

Class Placement Standards

These are Elite Fastpitch advancement standards to move students to advanced groups. There are 4 points of mechanics that are non-negotiable. Students must be able to demonstrate 1) Wrist Snap; 2) A clean, straight, aligned Arm Circle; 3) Hip Rotation that is synchronized with Arm Circle and Stride; and 4) Stride that supports the above, and two non-mechanical standards 5) low 40 mph range for speed and 6) be relatively consistent in the strike zone.

Windmill 1 (W1) is geared to producing solid basic mechanics and I don't like moving students too soon. However, I don't like boring students by overdoing it and the lower level.

The format for W2 is 30 mins of Fastball (mechanical drills, speed drills and location drills), 8 to 10 mins of Change-up (4 different change ups) and the remaining time is Drop. I move students from W2 to W3 when they demonstrate a good drop and get their Fastball over 50 mph.

Our format in W3 is Fastball (mechanical drills, location drills and speed drills) for 20 to 25 mins. Change-up (hand shake, knuckle, circle (OK) and back hand, rotating one per week) for 5 - 8 mins. Each even numbered day (2,4,6) we teach curveball and screwball for 15 mins each. Each odd numbered day (1,3,5) we teach drop & riseball for about 15 mins each. If there is more than one W3 at that location we divide the students by speed (the higher the speed, the later the class). Speeds are recorded every even numbered day. I hope this helps you decide where your student belongs.

All moves are totally at the discretion of Tom Besser ONLY!!!!

Class Schedule

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