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Who- I train pitchers from 8 years old through college.

What- What can be trained, your choice.

*Individual Pitcher and or Catcher Instruction- $45 / 30 Minutes.

*Standard Private instruction- Typical instruction requested- Pitching- Basic mechanics, speed improvement; change up, drop, curve, drop curve, screwball, riseball improvement, use & strategy of all. Must bring someone to catch.

*Catching- Receiving, signals, blocking, snap throws to 1st & 3rd, throwing mechanics, throws to 2nd, wild pitches, fielding bunts, calling the game, and much more. The instruction is your choice.

Types of Semi-Private Instruction:
*Two Pitchers (30 Minute Blocks) - Typically W1 and W2 Level students. Pitchers pitch to pitchers, basic mechanics, speed improvement, location improvement & tactics, change up and dropball if appropriate. $50 / 30 minutes.

*Two Pitchers (60 Minute Blocks) - Typically Advanced Level students. I use my standard W3 class format with pitchers pitch to pitchers. $90 / 60 minutes.

*Pitcher / Catcher (30 or 60 Minute Battery Training) – Battery training is designed for pitchers & catchers that play together on the same team. They’ll learn how to use each other’s skills, velocity, location and movement, tactics and strategies. $90 / 60 minutes.

Why- I run Private Lessons because it gives me the chance to give special attention to students that are struggling with mechanics. I do it when pitchers want to learn a specialty pitch. I do it because I can’t schedule classes during the season. I do it because enjoy getting closer the families of Elite.

General Info
*All students will be on radar every week.
*All W2 and W3 will be monitored on RevFire on moving pitches.