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Who- I train pitchers from 8 years old through college.

What- W1- The W1 is a basic windmill class. I teach mechanics with three priorities, health, speed and location in that order. Early in the year, we’ll start the change-up. Some tactics and rule book is introduced by mid-year.

W2- W2 is an intermediate level designed to increase speed and improve location. Improve the change-up and begin working on the dropball. Some tactics in use of these pitches added and throughout the six weeks. Repetition is the key to success.

W3- (Beginner) These have functional fastball over 50 mph, change-up and dropball. In weeks 1, 3 & 5 we work on dropball & introduce riseball. In weeks 2, 4 & 6 we start on curveball. I teach the curve two ways so each six weeks we alternate the two types. By mid-year we’ll be working on screwball. Tactics to match all pitches.

W3- (Advanced) These are generally HS varsity pitchers, many already are recruited, nearly all over 60 mph, some are over 65 mph. We’ll run basically the same as above but with better quality pitching (speeds, locations, movement) and at a higher faster tempo. More time will devoted to inside curve, slow curve, and slow drop.

Where- We operate from South Amboy in the north east to Deptford in the south west. See Schedule for locations and day of the week.

When- We are currently running group pitching classes six days per week (see schedule). Typically these classes will run from early September to March or April.

Why- I run group classes because without question they are the most cost effective method of drilling pitchers into a consistent motion. A consistent motion will produce a consistent pitch. I run group classes because they encourage completion. I run group classes because humans tend to mimic motion and everywhere they look there is pitching motion.

General Info
*All students will be on radar in weeks 2, 4 & 6.
*All W2 and W3 will be monitored on RevFire on all moving pitches.
*Pitchers will pitch to pitchers, if you can’t catch, you can’t be Elite. If you can’t catch you are a serious injury waiting to happen on the field.
*We use Easton & Wilson incred-a-balls, same weight / same diameter / no injury.
*Each class is one hour, exactly.
*Each session is broken into six week blocks for payment purposes.

Cost of six session is $150.00