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Who- Who will be trained? Catchers & coaches desiring to be trained in the position of catcher. Catchers (any age) will be placed in groups to train & preform all standard positional tasks expected of travel and college level catchers. Note- Obviously, a 10U and an 18U will execute these tasks at different speeds and levels of proficiency however, the instruction remains the same. Coaches will be placed in a position to observe (and or be hands on if they desire).

What- What will be trained? Receiving, framing, signals, stances, blocking, pass balls/wild pitches, fielding bunts, snap throws 1st and 3rd, throws to 2nd, basic pitch calling, organizing communication and signals, evaluating hitters and more.

Where- DVJA, 240 Sickle Lane, Deptford, NJ 08096.

When- Currently we are only running one Catcher Class. It will be 4:00 pm every Sunday. Typically these classes will run from early September to March or April. Broken into four, six week, sessions.

Why- I run group classes because without question they are the most cost effective method of drilling repetitive tasks for speed. I run group classes because they encourage completion. I run group classes because humans tend to mimic motion and everywhere they look there is catching motion.

General Info *All students will be on the stop watch for throwing times every week.
*We use Easton & Wilson incred-a-balls, same weight / same diameter / no injury.
*Each class is one hour, exactly.
*Each session is broken into six week blocks for payment purposes.

Cost of six session is $150.00